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BNB Newbies Start here....

"I've Never stayed at a B&B before "Let us commend you for taking that first step! Not to worry, we're older and experienced, we'll be gentle with  you! 

Yes, we do live here, so in essence you are staying at somebody's house. However, the "house" was a living breathing operating Inn the day we moved in and we have had a business in our house before so we don't think a thing about it. We have private sleeping quarters on the 3rd floor but when we come down each morning we are in "Inn Mode" and all about making your stay a comfortable one. Our Inn saddles both sides of the kitchen, (like a thoroughbred horse!) so we have guests passing through on a regular basis--I kind of like that since I spend a great deal of time there anyway, and you can see where your food comes from (comforting I would think). We are happy to prepare gluten-free for you at breakfast too, but please let us know before hand. 

Every room has its own private jacuzzi bathroom in the suite. (**The Sleeping Car has double shower only) No trotting down the hall, lining up, sharing with a stranger (sorry if you were looking forward to that part...) There is no cut off time for coming in at night, you're grown and I'm not da mama.

There are common areas where you may roam, linger, kick back and enjoy some company. Conversations can be fun with new people experiencing some of the things you are also enjoying, and they may have some quick tips to make your time better. You also have ample private space so that you do not have to make nice with anyone if you feel like being "alone". 

Breakfast is served between 8:30a.m. and 10:00am. Wander in and we will fee you.  You're here to relax and we respect that. If your plans require an earlier breakfast just let us know in advance.   You can grab a coffee in the dining room, we have lots of coffee fixins for you to choose from, and take it to your room, a porch, anywhere you'd like to enjoy it.

Breakfast tables are individually set. We will group you together if you are traveling together but you won't be corralled elbow to elbow with all the strangers in the Inn before your first cup of coffee in the morning.  The Club Car Dining Room is large but cozy, too. you can have a private conversation but are close enough to share tales with others if you take a notion to (Kentucky for "feel like it").

For the Chef's Sanity, I do one hot breakfast for everybody each morning. If you have food issues, allergies, religious or dietary preferences please tell me when you check in and remind me or your server each morning. The breakfasts are hearty portions and we never send anyone away hungry. I won't be offended if you don't eat it all, if you flat out don't want breakfast or if you would like a bit more--we want you to be happy and comfortable. 

Some asked if they should dress for dinner (Romance Package only,) I shake my head and responded "OF COURSE" however, what you wear is up to you--feel fancy? Go for it. Dress up all week and want to live in sweats?--works for me. The dinner will still be great and the surround charming and comfortable with a flair (OK so I am the decorator). Seriously, other than sneaking out to get that first cup of coffee, the robes are meant for en suite enjoyment, some folks feel funny about it and we want everyone to be comfortable...

We have movies, books and magazines, box games for you to enjoy, The Library, Parlor, Media Room & front porch are open for relaxing.

I think that takes care of the most often asked questions--feel free to ask any of us if you have another. You get three. (That was a joke--we're happy to chat with you!) 

One more thing, it is especially appropriate to laugh at the Innkeepers's humor. Ok, two more. B&B's--they are totally radical places to stay, young and old alike, if you get a chance to mingle a bit, put it out there and strike up a conversation--you'll be amazed how much you have in common and how interesting other people are when you get beyond "Hey, You're in my space". Could be why it took so long to invent the TV--people actually used to like to talk to each other!

Funny story--an old friend stayed over and gave me a big hug on the way out. First in line--24 other people followed suit, I didn't know any of them before they arrived for the weekend. I felt soooo loved... So in case you need a hug, they're free.