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In the Beginning


Greetings and Welcome from the Innkeeper! Since September 2006, it is with great pleasure we have come to inhabit and love this exquisite Bed & Breakfast Inn. We are the fourth set of innkeepers and I was honored to meet the original family as they came to remember Ms Elinor Sinars. We celebrated her life looking out over the grounds where she had married, her wedding album and ring displayed. The family stayed with us and shared their memories of living and growing up here. What a precious time for this BnB. Here is the email Elinor sent me years ago:

In 1911 Henrietta Jackson Krabill received 270 Montgomery Ave as a Bride's gift on her wedding day. She married Roy Henry Krabill from Ohio lived here with her husband and only son Albert Jackson Krabill her entire life. "Jack" Krabill married Dorothy Ingram Haynes of Lexington and they had three children.
When Grandfather Krabill passed away about 1967, Jack and Dorothy moved their family back to 270 Montgomery. Elinor Sinars, one of Jack's three children emailed me this lovely description of the home as it was when they lived here:

"The house was quite different before Tony Sills redid it. As you walked in the front door, you entered into the front room. To the left was the living room which opened then into the dining room. I believe Tony bought the original sideboard which we had in the dining room when we sold the house after my father died and my mother had to go to a nursing home. If you send me a picture of the side board I can tell you.

At the bottom of the stairs - the room to the right was originally a bedroom but my parents turned it into a den and converted the original kitchen to a bedroom and bath. (My mom was sick and couldn't go up the stairs.)
The orginal screened in porch (where I have fond memories of "snapping beans" with my grandmother was made into a kitchen.

Upstairs there was one small bath with a claw foot tub and wainscoting and four bedrooms. My bedroom was the front room that looked over Montgomery Ave.

It wasn't a fancy house but it was a house full of love and laughter. We always had Sunday "dinner" every week either at 270 Montgomery or at 131 Montgomery where my great aunt lived (Henrietta's sister). It was a very Mayberry type of town and time." Elinor Krabill Sinars resides in Alexandria, VA with her family, her siblings are in Florida.
The Sills' purchased the home and renovated it somewhere around 1988, opening it as the Sills Inn. We are the 4th Innkeepers and hopefully the last for many years to come! It was so special to have first the descendents of the Krabill family as guests, and then the Sills family each year--what a treat to be able to hear their stories and reminisce.

I think Elinor summed it up beautifully--it isn't so much the house itself, but the love that you can feel here--it lingers and it is comforting. Thank you for sharing your story, Elinor!
You are truly missed.

Why Us?

Great B&B in the heart of the Bourbon Trail!                                      

April 14, 2016

"We had a very pleasant experience at this B&B while touring the bourbon trail. Pam was very knowledgeable about the area, and the B&B was located about 20mins away from 4-5 different distilleries! The food was good and the rooms were clean. Pam was very polite and helpful. I would definitely recommend staying here."

- from

Great stay in Kentucky

February 24, 2016

"Everything about this little B&B was charming -- from the rooms and the house to the great service. We would absolutely stay here again, and recommend it to anyone staying in the Lexington area!"

Would Recommend                                      

February 17, 2016

"We stayed in the Oriental suite. The amenities were great! Very comfortable and relaxing. It's a great place to stay for going along the Bourbon Trail.



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